Treatment Philosophy and Services

“What does it mean to ‘treat a trauma’? Does it mean that we treat the memory? Or the low self-esteem? The self-destructive behavior? Or the difficulties in maintaining connection to self and others?”

—Rachel Yehuda

In the aftermath of trauma, our symptoms and difficulties reflect how we tried to adapt to circumstances beyond our control: depression to cushion us against disappointment and overwhelm; hypervigilance to stand guard over ourselves; anger to push others away before they cause harm; shame to increase our compliance and dampen the anger. In treatment, those survival strategies must be respected, not pathologized, even while we are trying to transform them.

Whether providing consultation, inservice training, or giving a workshop or conference presentation, I integrate a number of different modalities: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Structural Dissociation, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Since each client’s adaptation to trauma will be different, treatment methods must be carefully chosen to fit existing strengths as well as needs for change.

Services Provided

  • Client consultation and referral
  • Consultation to clients and their therapists: overcoming stuckness or conflict in therapy
  • Online webinar programs
  • Workshops and conference presentations
  • Inservice training and program consultation on the treatment of trauma, dissociation, substance abuse, and self-destructive behavior (see TIST)

My offices are located at 5665 College Avenue in Oakland, California, and I can be reached at 510-891-1809 or

Also see Advanced Seminar and Trainings and Workshops.